University of Washington

Department of Human Centered Design + Engineering

2016 – Present

Design 536, Interaction Design + Prototyping

Investigates advanced topics in the theory and practice of interaction design, using a project-oriented approach. Develops expertise in design, development, and critique of solutions in online and mobile platforms. Examines issues such as interaction theory, requirements and specifications, design language, prototyping, evaluation, and presentation of projects.


Seattle Pacific university

Department of Art

2015 – 2018

Design 4210, Interactive Media II (Tablet Design)

Continued development of design aspects related to time-based and interactive media. Emphasis placed on strategic use of theory, methodology, and refinement in the development of electronic interactive tools. 

Design 2201, Digital Publishing II (Mobile Design)

Using digital tools to design, develop and distribute electronic visual communications. 


School of visual concepts

2015 – 2016

Fundamentals of UX

The goal of this workshop is to give the knowledge and experience to apply UX fundamentals to current and future work. These topics are covered::* The concept and purpose behind user-centered design* Career-readiness for UX design* User research, usability testing, and reporting* Information architecture, taxonomies, and wireframes* Interaction design, and high and low-fidelity prototyping* Ethics in user experience design.





MySkillz4Afrika, a volunteer role that is a combination of education and actual design and research. I facilitated a series of design workshops to educate a team of young artists who have produced and distributed over 33M free comic books and 10,000 syndicated radio shows, becoming a household name and a leading youth brand in Kenya. The exercises from the workshops laid the foundation for beginning to establish user experience principles and an agile design process the Kenya and Tanzania team will adopt moving forward. Once we began to identify the brand's voice and applied the new design principles and guidelines to the product, we worked together to create plans to test and iterate the new design on the local Kenyan youth.


The Ohio State University

Department of Industrial, Interior + Visual Communication Design

2009 – 2012

Design 674, Interactive Media Design for Web Enabled Television

Using the Microsoft Kinect or other gesture based application, students explore concepts for implementation of NUI and VUI allowing them to expand their interaction design skills beyond the web and mobile based experiences.

Design 573, Fundamentals of Multimedia Design

Designed for non-visual communication design majors to teach the concepts of contemporary web design from a designer’s perspective. Provide students with an opportunity to learn about important design principles related to web-based interface and web-interaction design. Address issues concerning the approach to adequate electronic communication techniques and the challenges associated with them.

Design solutions address the specific requirements and abilities of the source (company) and destination (user). It is the intent of this course to provide students with an adequate background in web site authoring and current emerging technology and limitations.

Design 320, Electronic Media for the Designer

Electronic media has become an integral part of design production and authoring. This course is structured to teach production fundamentals of electronic media for print, web and presentation applications using electronic media tools most demanded by professional design practice. Students will develop a base-level functional competence using these industry relevant programs to prepare graphics and other media for a range of design and communication applications.

Design 310, Color Theory and Communication

Guidance in learning to mix colors and combine colors to achieve a variety of visual effects with an understanding of the science behind it. Discuss the psychological implications of color and the philosophies of color as interpreted by master artists and designers throughout history. Develop an understanding of color relationships and tonal values through creative projects, assignments, and class discussions.


National University of SIngapore

School of Environment and Design

2010 – 2011

Design 201, 301, Design Foundations: Typography + Color Theory

Studio based instructional appointment for freshmen and sophomore design students in an industrial design program in Singapore.

Wexner Center for the Arts

Ohio State university


Design Fusion Summer Camp

Graphic Design for Print and Web for Columbus high school students. 3 week long studio course learning animation, web design and illustration.